Taking Responsibility

     Same Actions bring same results, is this not the definition of insanity? Isn’t it time we look at the ministry before us, NOT as a right, but rather a privilege? This “free society” has us spoiled into thinking that we can just do what ever we want to and we can do as much or as little as often as we like. WRONG!!!!! The Bible is very clear and sets a standard for living that we must strive to achieve.
Regardless of your feelings about me, your pastor, elders and deacons, or any other member of the body of Christ, both good or bad, you have a responsibility to Christ! No church will ever be perfect nor will any ministry. However Jesus said, (“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”Matt 5:48) So it sounds like a double standard to say Christ said to be perfect and I tell you no church is perfect. I will say, if we strive to live a perfect life, we may never find it, but along the way we will find excellence! It is time for us to stop accepting “good” and pursue “great.”
When you see a vacancy in a ministry at your church, you shouldn’t wait to get involved until you hear from God, or you are asked, or guilted into it. The passion for the ministry you are in, should drive you to accept responsibility for it and pray in help or a replacement for your role so you can move on.
It is your responsibility to grow personally, you can’t pour out what you don’t have!
For this I will use a pitcher to represent my spirit, several clear glasses to be our students, three 2 liter bottles of water to represent; prayer, bible reading/study, & spiritual growth. If the pitcher is empty it can not fill our students cups, we must fill ourselves first before we can pour out. All three must elements must be present from the bottles before we can pour out to others. A person can pray and study the bible without ever growing spiritually, but you can never grow spiritually without prayer and bible study. All three elements must be present to be productive.
If we are on empty we are of no use to our students. Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. We must first be filled and then pour out to our students, there must be something left for ourselves when we are done. Unlike these bottles, we have an endless supply. Unfortunately, we are usually only filling ourselves up with just enough to pour out what we need for the day and for a meager weak survival for the the week. That is why you get moments of weakness because you have poured out all you have had and not been refilled!
I submit to you that it’s time to fill ourselves so full that we minister out of what overflows from our pitcher and not scraping the bottom of the barrel for our lessons we teach, people we befriend, or personal trails. You never want to minister out of leftovers, fresh baked goods are always the best way to go. You are far better to minister out of the overflow and remained filled yourself.

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