Who is Allah? Is he the same God as Jehovah mentioned in the Christian Bible?

So much controversy surrounds Allah these days, as the word tolerance becomes the hot issue for the media to preach to the American people. We find ourselves in a place like never before, in a post 911 world that has been raped of our peace of mind and replaced with fear at airports all around the nation. Questions are aroused by Christians like, “Why should we be tolerant of a religion that has hated us, and Jews in particular?” or “Why should we believe you when you say you are peaceful?”

A college student just recently told me that her professor had asked the class if Jehovah and Allah were the same person. When she answered, “No” the professor proceeded to tell her she was wrong. Without proof or explanation, without a chance for rebuttal, this very intelligent young lady was just told she was wrong! Liberal ideas are being forced into the minds of college students in modern universities and are telling students WHAT to think and not teaching them HOW to think! This is PUKE in the ears of this generation and we must raise up a generation of thinkers who will study and think for themselves instead of just believing whatever teacher, preacher, politician, or news anchorman has to say. The time to start thinking is NOW!
The fact of the matter is, although we have our worldview we know to be right, Muslims who believe Allah and the Quran have a word view they feel is right as well. How can we find peace on this hot issue? How can we bring justice to the families killed on 911? Tolerance is NOT the issue!
The world doesn’t see what you see, so they say tolerance is the answer! Let me first explain who the world is. The “world” is anyone who doesn’t have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We say this because the Bible teaches us that we are in the world but not of it, he told us to come out of the world and be a separate people. So when I say the world wants us to tolerate Muslims and any other beliefs that contradict ours, it is not Christ asking us to tolerate them. If Christ doesn’t want us to tolerate them, what does he want us to do? He wants us to love them! That’s right! LOVE!!! Love goes beyond tolerating someone. I love my wife; I tolerate the things she does that I don’t agree with as long as they would not bring harm upon my family or her! But if she were to do something that I can’t back her in, my tolerance level would drop, but my love would show her the right way. I will stand for what is right, even if I stand alone. Here is an example:
Imagine that you have a child. Because you are the parent of this child, do you tolerate or love this child? Of course you love your child! Now imagine that this child killed a person; do you now stop loving this child? No! Disappointed, hurt, crushed, ashamed, angry, devastated, and a lot of other emotions would rise up as you found out what happened. You may lash out in anger as you give your child a scolding even if this child is 50, you would still give this child the scolding of a lifetime. Why would you do that? LOVE! Love, no matter how wrong a person is, still remains constant. You may be so angry that you disown your child. That anger is still fueled because of the love you once shared. You really don’t stop loving; you use anger to block the pain that the drawing of love does. If you disown them, you can mask the love for them thus suppressing your feelings of love so the pain don’t surface. The love doesn’t go away, you just pretend they are dead!
So many Christians want to love unconditional like Christ but they let anger block the love of Christ and down entire nations and other religions and won’t preach the truth just to avoid the feeling of love. Because if you love them, you dishonor the people their faith has killed. Disowning your children is as foolish as disowning a nation of people and is certainly not what Christ taught. But tolerance is not a teaching of Christ; it is a teaching of compromise!
Let’s go back to that murderous child example. Can you tolerate the behavior of the Child and say it’s okay? Can you simply say, well you must have had a good reason and then just not question it? Should that child be free to do whatever just because you want to tolerate him? Toleration is DANGEROUS at the least! Toleration is a ticket to continue your acts without repercussion or persecution. So for me to be tolerant is pretending that nothing ever happened. But if I love the people, I will be tolerant only when a threat is not made to harm someone. Let’s go back to the story of my wife. My tolerance level exists only when the things I disagree with are tolerable. So if a group of people representing a religion does an intolerable act, are all members of the religion due my lack of toleration? NO! I have to allow myself to see as God sees; I have to see everyone as individuals, not them as a group. There are radical groups of Christians not living their lives according to the teachings of the Bible. So just because you say you are a Christian, it doesn’t make you a Christian. The bible doesn’t teach us to hate, it teaches us to love. The people who find the hate do not carefully examine the scriptures; they find one verse in the middle of a paragraph and make it their law to live by. You could just as easily take one quote out of this body of text and quite easily misquote me as well. So how can we really know if we serve the same God? How can we know if we have the truth? How can we know if Jehovah and Allah is the same God?
We can’t quote one verse from the Quran and take the evil life of a radical Muslim and say everyone is like this. We must talk with people, get to know them and understand their teachings. You can’t take that trip unless you are prepared to love! Chew on this for a while!!! You can’t take that trip unless you are prepared to love! Hate is a real turn off to people. The world sees a Christian showing hatred for other religions and they think Christ and his followers are haters! I’m a lover, not a hater, but I am NOT one to tolerate the intolerable!
Stories have been told of Muslim men taking 7 year old girls to be their wives. Muhammad had a 6-year-old wife and consummated the marriage at 8 or 9. This is a disgusting vile act! Women are treated as property in the Muslim faith. Women are beat by their husbands as this is the duty of the husband! This, in America would be considered an outrage, but we are being told by the mainstream media to become tolerant. Shows like American Muslim try to portray the faith to be peaceful and show the soft side. I agree there are people who may be Muslim and not follow the teachings strictly. As a minister I have observed Christians who don’t follow Christ and his words either. So how do you validate these terms and ideas, you go to the sources. Here I will point out some places to find information. I will provide you links for your own study! Don’t take my word for it!
My search began with a man by the name of Waild Shoebat! Waild was a radicalized Muslim willing to die for the cause of Jihad until 1994 when he gave his life to Christ. Waild has been to our church on a few occasions to speak and share his terror training. It is first hand accounts from converts like Waild that open you up to the insight that love is an answer but NOT tolerance. For more information you can visit his website here: http://www.shoebat.com/bio.php
After learning there were converts willing to speak, research took me to another man, his name is Daniel Shayesteh. Here is a link to his video:
If you take the time to watch this clip you will see how the hate of Jews and Christians are taught by the Quran to Muslims. This is a short clip of the entire DVD you can purchase from http://escapefromdarkness.org my recommendation is if you want to understand what could make a man walk away from this faith and find Christ, you need this DVD. Daniel was able to recite the entire Quran in Arabic by Nine. He inspired other Muslims to hate and kill Americans and Jews. But Daniel met a group of Iranian Christians who through their witness and “LOVE” showed him the way to Christ. He now teaches the love of Christ and shares his testimony while unmaking the evil taught in the Quran. He has posted teaching videos on his web site. Take some time to visit the site and watch them. You will be enlightened by what is taught. I am sure tolerance is not going to be on your mind, but indignation will rise up and cause you to say this teaching must be stopped! http://escapefromdarkness.org/videos
But I know you are thinking what does this all have to do with the idea of Jehovah and God being the same person? Well, I’ll tell you! If you understand that the teachings of the Quran is different than that of the Bible then they must have different authors. Taking time to understand what the Quran and the Bible both teach will help you to see the differences. Let’s list a few of the differences as adapted from this website http://www.truth-that-matters.com/differences.htm
1. The Name is different and their instructions to their followers are very different
2. Jehovah has a son, but Allah does not
3. Jehovah encourages followers not to retaliate when personally wronged, but Allah condones harsh speech.
4. Allah changes his revelations and his mind.
5. Jehovah asks us to reach out in love while Allah says to kill non-Muslims because they are not intelligent.
6. Allah promotes Anti-Semitism but to Jehovah Jews are his chosen people.
7. Allah does not give a clear path to Heaven, Jehovah promised in the Garden at the fall a plan of redemption.
8. Allah demands his followers to fight for him to death, Jehovah send his son to die for us.
9. Jehovah was capable of writing an error free bible, Allah is unable to keep errors out of the Quran.
10. Jehovah says in Heaven there will be no marriage, but all Allah can think about is giving men virgins for sex.( Not a pleasant place for women to be found here)
11. Jehovah knows his history and placed prophecies throughout the Bible, In contrast Allah has none!
12.Allah is a tyrant, but Jehovah only chastises his children as any wise father would do.
13. Jehovah has offered free will. Allah says if you don’t become Muslim you must get plundered and murdered.
14. Allah chose to deliver his Quran through only one man Muhammad, yet Jehovah didn’t even allow Jesus to write one book. Instead he used dozens of authors from different backgrounds, over different time periods and different languages with a bible that is free of errors. Yet one man messed up Allah’s book.
15. Allah sends some people astray, but Jehovah wants everyone to come to him.
16. Allah has no mediator, but Jesus is the mediator with Jehovah.
17. Allah’s only proof is he brings misfortune to people. He claims to have proofs but we are not told what they are. In Contrast, Jehovah proved himself over and over to many different people.
18. Allah hates deaf and dumb people, Jesus healed them.
My study took me to one conclusion; Allah is an impostor or a figment of Muhammad’s imagination. He claims to be our God Jehovah but is full of hate, lies, and self-contradictory. He preys on the sex drives of men to get them to do his bidding offering nothing more than sex in the afterlife. God has love to everyone. Eve received the same grace and atonement Adam did in the garden, but she also received the same curse; the curse of sin, foretold by God for disobedience. This act of disobedience broke the perfect world, but God still had plans of repair!
If you are a Muslim and you are reading this, Jehovah is merciful and compassionate! He wants to reach out to you in love. He did this by sending his son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins and give you access to Heaven to be with him forever. Allah never loved anyone this much! All you have to do is repent and turn from your sins and put your trust in God! Allah never said how many good works you had to do to get yourself out of hell and into paradise. Give Jehovah a chance he will accept you and show his grace and mercy toward you!
If you are a Christian and you hate Muslims, remember our God never one time taught this to his followers. You do not have to tolerate, accept, or condone the actions of a Muslim Radical, however you should pray for them that they come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ.
If this post has helped you or taught you something, please feel free to share this article with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and any other means you like! Take time to pray for the Muslims and seek God’s face for their salvation!
May God Bless you and Keep you!


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2 responses to “Who is Allah? Is he the same God as Jehovah mentioned in the Christian Bible?

  1. Rob Hoefer

    Very Good Brother! Loved the difference between Yaweh & Allah, No comparison! Keep up the great work.

  2. harold

    very good !!

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