My 1st Amendment Right has been violated!

The 1st Ammendment

Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Today, the politicians own the press, Christians are pegged as right-wing terrorists, and the straight-white-Christian-male has become the oppressed minority. We have forgotten “ALL MEN” are created equal and allowed certain rights under the same constitution.

In 1962 Prayer was removed from public schools deeming it unconstitutional because the 1st amendment states, “Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion,” but there is a comma not a period following that statement! “OR PROHIBITING the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF” follows the very phrase and comma that they made their ruling regarding. 

Today, we have taken everything to the extreme! Political correctness has plagued our society and has us questioning everything. Politics is a three ring circus with more clowns than ever before. Media shapes public opinion, while Americans sit on their butts and complain, they do very little to make a difference. Have we even tried to write a politician a letter? Have we even read a book? Do we know our rights and how they have been violated? Sitting and complaining has not been working, Facebook has only created civil unrest, and the government keeps passing “laws” that prohibit the free exercise of our religion.

If a politician takes a stand for Christ he is mocked and ridiculed out of office and then they do their best to embarrass him or her by digging up their pasts. It is so bad that you have to make sure your closet is clean before confessing Christ. “Didn’t Christ come to save the lost and forgive sins and pasts?” You let a Left-Wing homosexual come out of the closet and Opera will give her blessing and Barack will get a run for his money! 

Today, our wonderful country stands divided! The sad part is, the squeaky wheel is getting the most grease. In other words, the Gay Agenda is making more noise than Christians. The Culture War is getting more attention because they fight and we sit in our churches complaining and doing nothing! It’s time we learn our rights, exercise them, and stand together! We are in a war church, and if you decide to do nothing, that is exactly what you will get; NOTHING! 

We are being raped of our freedoms, and being told that the majority of people think this way, when that certainly isn’t true. There is a majority of people I meet that hate where our country is headed but only complain to 2-3 hundred friends on Facebook and take no real initiative to make a difference. Even still, they vote the pocket book in place of morals.

My proposal is that Americans wake up and realize that the cost of doing nothing is coming around to bite us in the backside right now. We have a chance to turn this around if we will become even slightly more informed. I don’t care what color, gender, race, religion, or family name our next president holds, I do care, will he represent the values and moral standards of America and her Constitution! We must hold him/her accountable but we must be likewise accountable. Less government, more independent freedoms; this is my American dream! The Federal Reserve must get an audit! The representatives must represent! If they are not representing your beliefs, fire them in November and vote in people who do! It’s our country and it’s time we take it back from the media and the politicians who just want to drain your pockets! 

America, MY home sweet home! If you don’t like our laws, our morals, or our values, then go back to your country,  because this is my land and I will defend her!

Want to know more about LAW? Check out this book “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat [1850] and see if it don’t appear he had a crystal ball and views us today. Here are some excerpts from this book on this site:

Do you feel Americans have been raped of their rights? Please reply with your thoughts, keep it clean and I’ll approve your comments!


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3 responses to “My 1st Amendment Right has been violated!

  1. thinkdontpray

    I would state that the “free exercise thereof” does not include public schools. A state-mandated institution has to adhere to the “no-establishment-clause”, while the free exercise is concerned with the private, i.e. non-state institutions.

    • I agree that was the finding in the case, but I disagree with the ruling. If you cut a sentence at a comma you are taking words out of context. Students have the right to pray as much as they have the right to not be present. Making provisions for excusing the students is an equal and fair trade. Those who wish to participate still have their rights. The Government has infringed upon my right for the free exercise. The “No-Establishment clause” is there to ensure that one church or denomination does not become ruler over America. Now instead, America is being ruled by a religion, Atheism! That hinders my “Free Exercise” by allowing NO GOD AT ALL! Therefore, My 1st Amendment Right has been violated! You can’t take away the rights of many, because a few don’t want it. The majority of people still want to acknowledge God, even if they do not attend church. Those few who do not, receive more rights than those who do. This should not have been a supreme court decision but rather each state should have been able to make this call. The government took it upon itself to tell us what our rights are. The bigger government becomes, the less freedom we have! We cannot allow government to rape us of our rights and then expect us to say thank you.

  2. Amen! “Give me Liberty, or give me death”

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