The Truth About Homosexuals and the Church


I find it amazing that only one side of the story is always printed and the Christians always look like the haters and the lunatics. First of all, Christ died for everyone, and his love was extended toward ALL mankind. Let’s just put that on the table first.

Now let’s remove the fact that I’m a Christian or even believe in the Bible, let us look to nature. It doesn’t matter to me if you believe in the creator, Mother Nature, or that we all came from chimps. There is one thing we agree on, there is a natural law and order in nature we must follow. If it were meant of God, or Nature, or our ancestors for same sex relationships 2 men or 2 women would be able to procreate and give birth. We all must agree it doesn’t work which leaves

adoption or unfaithfulness to have a baby. Sex then is no longer just something you share between lovers; it is also our means of survival as a race. (The Human Race)

If the laws of nature forbid homosexuality to sustain life, who are we to say that it is okay to disrupt a perfect order. This may be going out on a limb, but what if I loved my dog so much that I wanted to have a relationship with it. Because I was an adult who felt love would that be okay? Should I fight for the right to marry my dog? If I was that depraved people would call me sick, and disgusting. But in another 100 years it will be a bill floating through congress everyone will be fighting to pass. How can I say this? For thousands of years, homosexual relationships have been around, so what’s new? Homosexuals want the government to say it’s okay so that society can accept them as okay and everything is normal.

Fact is, it’s not anymore normal than me have relations with my dog, it defies the laws of nature in which we were created, designed, or evolved however you choose to look at it.

Back now to the church

People want to twist the Bible and the views of Jesus to back homosexuality. If you don’t respect the Bible and its views why twist them to your advantage.

The bottom line is, if you live a homosexual lifestyle or one of bestiality God still loves you and wants to be a part of your life. Heterosexuals do things

God despises as well and he still loves us the same. The only thing is, sin (wrong doings) separates us from his love, only true repentance (being sorry for your actions, not just sorry you got caught) will bring his mercy and grace.

I’m not trying to convert all homosexuals and push my faith on them; I just want the media to report fairly both sides, not just single out those who have faith in Christ. As a white, heterosexual, male, Christian I can tell you my rights are being taken from me and I have now became a minority.

A so-called reputable magazines slams My Bible, My God, and My Faith; and expects me to say “Thank you may I have another?” For that I lay the blame at our liberal news media. I no longer respect the opinions of many of the mainstream media biased views of the news they report. This last decade marks an end of the truth in Journalism!

America must now fend for them selves to find out what is the real news. There are many voices out there that share truth in media. I will live to blog another day on those however.


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2 responses to “The Truth About Homosexuals and the Church

  1. judi randolph

    Good article, having dealt with people that are in the homosexual life style I believe that is one of the strongest demons satan has. We have to love the people and hate the sin and realize we are dealing with satanic possession.

  2. Treed

    I totally agree, I see the next evolution of marriage being plural marriage, if they
    Cross out one line like the same sex one, then within human relationships there are no lines left to mark out. This all roots to not being able to make a judgement, a judgement based on political correctness can not be based on anything, a judgement based on biblical principals (as was intended by the founders) would offend someone so we are left with only Gaia as our guide for humanity. It’s a winners win losers win world and everyone gets a trophy the fastest and slowest, the hard working and the lazy as well as the straight and the homosexual. We as Christians need to start looking at the news and quit patronizing companies who advertise on the stations who spew lies as truth. And the church needs to get her act together and quit wasting the opportunity to minister to the people, it’s all about putting on a flowery emotional show but let’s people leave with their minds full of emotions but the hearts empty.

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