As I look back on my life and its many New Years I have lived through none stick out in my mind like 2014.

December 31, 2010 on New Years Eve, we was moving into our first home that I designed. Lori and I rang in the new year feeling like it was just all a dream. Later that year we took our first week long Disney Vacation! The one we promised ourselves someday we would do when we could afford it. (We thought it would be our one and only trip)

I fast forward to 2013… We found out God was giving us a beautiful new addition to our family. We had also just came home from our 2nd Disney Vacation were we celebrated Christmas in Florida with Mickey Mouse and right after that in Jan. of 2014 was voted in as Pastors of the New Caledonia Campus of Harvest Christian Centre. (Formerly known as Caledonia Assembly of God)

2014 has been a year of drastic life changes for our family as a whole. We brought Angela into our lives. We’ve made new friends, made a major ministry shift, and left an 11 year tenure as Children’s Pastors of the greatest church in the Parkland! God has richly blessed us beyond measure.

However life has not been all sunshine and roses and these things have came about as a result of hard work, stress, and sleepless nights in prayer and; at time, tears. I wouldn’t have done anything differently if I could.

May 2015 bring you joy, peace, happiness, and if needed a fresh start to work as Christ asks of you. Our best days are ahead of us because JESUS is coming soon!!!


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