“Rethinking my life plan today.” 

“Rethinking my life plan today.” 

Oftentimes we have long-term goals in mind but we don’t really realize how our lives will turn out. So many things play a factor that we don’t even think about when we’re younger. 

In just a few months I will say goodbye to my 30s and I will be 40 years old. 10 years ago my life never appeared to look like this. I thought I knew exactly where I would be, but when I got to that fork in the road I took a right instead of left. Looking back to when I was 29 I feel that I was so young and foolish. I realized I didn’t have much of a life plan at all. 

Today at 39 years old I’m creating a new life plan, one that is much more realistic and focus not only on myself but on God. I never knew God would take me down the road of hospice. At 29 years old I was asked the question where do I see myself in 10 years, I thought I would be a children’s minister forever. So my response was, doing what I’m doing now only bigger and better. Boy was I off!!!

I guess I never thought that Anna would grow up. (Denial is sometimes a great place to be.) I certainly never thought I would have toddler at 40! I didn’t think about my body wearing out, or the end of my life. We all know we’re going to die someday, but that day seemed so far away that it didn’t really matter. It’s a thought most people try to push out of their heads. 
Life is short, and the things that you think are important right now, really aren’t that big of a deal. Things that we like to gripe and fuss about, in the grand scheme of things really are nothing. 

So today at 39 pushing 40 I’m asking myself, “when I’m 49 pushing 50 is what I am doing getting me toward my goals, and are the goals I have the ones I will still have what I am 50?” 

These are not questions you can answer in an hour. These take time, prayer, and consideration. I write this today not because I want to share personal information, but because I have a lot of young friends who are naïve just like I was. 
I wish I could do it all over now! 

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February 1, 2016 · 2:46 PM

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