Flowers for the living

We’re getting very close to Valentine’s Day. A Day that is set aside to show love and affection to that special someone in your life. Many people will call up a florist and have flowers sent to that special girl to brighten her day. Chocolate will be sold by the truckload and Hallmark will make a fortune. There’s another day that is going to be reserved in your Life where people will bring you flowers and share stories of your life and just how you touch them. Yes, you guessed it; your funeral. 

All too often we wait for special days to be set aside to celebrate our love and affection. But the saddest one of all, is the one where almost all of your friends and relatives gather, the most beautiful flowers are given, and stories of how your life affected others will be shared. All of this happens at a time where you’re not present to enjoy those kind words and acts of love. If you ever wondered what it would be like to attend your own funeral? Who will be there? What will they say about you? Will the preacher be able to say kind words about you and offer comfort? All of these are things that we don’t like to think about but eventually are going to happen. 

How about your friends and family? Are you waiting for that funeral day to show them love and respect? Does it have to be a holiday or a funeral that pulls everyone together? We certainly understand that a little token of kindness goes a long way, but rarely take the time apart from special days to show that love and concern. A man just told me today, “I’d rather have the flowers and the kind words before I die so I can have the opportunity to return the favor.” What kind of world with this be if we lived that way? What if we loved so unconditionally that we didn’t wait for special days to show that love? Are you getting flowers for no reason? 

Holding the doors open of the restaurant while patiently letting an elderly person in ahead of you is a beautiful flower. Not arguing and attempting to dominate the conversation for self gain with an attitude of superiority, but rather listening to the opinions and the voice of someone else while seeking to truly understand even if you don’t agree carries a flower fragrance that builds a trust mutual respect. Taking a loved one out to eat or cooking them their favorite meal just to show them how much you care is far more precious than a bouquet of roses. 

Give me flowers while I’m still alive that I am able to smell and share the fragrance with all who are around me. When I am dead, I will not be able to show my friends your token of gratitude and speak kindly of you for all you have done. If you give me your flowers of kindness while I am alive to return the favor you will reap the benefits of a friendship and mutual love that endures forever. If you cannot give me flowers while I’m alive you can keep them. For when I am gone, they are only to appease your own grief and shame. Flowers only given after death cannot bring the peace and satisfaction that come with the flowers of a loving heart and the fragrance of a giving lifestyle. Give, and it shall be given unto you pressed down and running over. 

Dear Lord Jesus may I always offer the flowers of kindness to friends, family, and the stranger on the street. 

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February 4, 2016 · 4:15 PM

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