I began my lifelong journey into the ministry at 15, where I started my public speaking career in my local church. Before the age of 20, I was speaking at other churches. I loved the feeling following my preaching knowing what was said had added value to the lives of those present. After becoming a husband and then a father, I began to feel as if my new busy lifestyle had raced out of control and I couldn’t catch up to myself. This feeling of inadequacy, lead me to the John Maxwell philosophy. His books and training transformed my life.

Since 2002 I have lead several ministries within Harvest Christian Centre, a growing church in the parkland; and have had many opportunities to speak to crowds large and small on leadership development as well as to minister the gospel. After many speaking engagements within the Assemblies of God I left my former organization and in April of 2011 I was Ordained into the Assemblies of God. This proved to be my favorite move yet.

In 2012 I became a founding partner in the John Maxwell Co. Where I took my training through John Maxewll and his team. I became a certified  leadership coach and speaker.  As a John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach it is my joy to be able to use the tools that have changed my life to help change others. My personal philosophy is one of a waterfall. I believe no matter what stage of life you are in you should always pour into others while allowing yourself to be poured into. This training, while helpful in my everyday life, lead me to make my next bold move in ministry. Just leadership training alone was not enough for me. I am a minister at heart.

So, in July of 2012 I left my full time position at Harvest Christian Centre to take on the roll of a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavent Coordinator with Gentiva Hospice formally known as AmHeart Hospice. I currently am still with this company and enjoy the many challenges that this rewarding roll has afforded me. I meet many people and I am able to provide support and spiritual care to so many in need. I stayed on as part time staff  at Harvest Chrisitan Centre but redistributed my work load.

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